Ab Rai Hai Nai Mai Rak แอ๊บร้ายให้นายไม่รัก

Ab Rai Hai Nai Mai Rak แอ๊บร้ายให้นายไม่รัก

Title: Ab Rai Hai Nai Mai Rak (แอ๊บร้ายให้นายไม่รัก)
English Title: Devil Sister
Air Time: Monday-Tuesday
Air Period: April 18, 2022-June 14, 2022
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Broadcast Channel: GMM 25
Company Name: GMM Grammy, GMMTV
Episode: 18

(Min) Pechaya Wattanamontree as Irin
(Win) Metawin Opas-iamkajorn as Namcha, Cha
(Piploy) Kanyarat Ruangrung as Inn
(Pod) Suphakorn Sriphotong as Jin
(Ning) Nirut Sirichanya as Anon
(Um) Apasiri Nitibhon as Prapha
(Tom) Phollawat Manuprasert as Chanin
Ploi Horwang as Namtan
(Ticha) Kanticha Chumma as Ployjan
(Ployphach) Phatchatorn Thanawat as Paeng

They say women are nasty. They have mood swings and are overbearing. When they like something, they act the opposite of their feelings. And she, Irin, is said to be the worst of the worst, “The Devil”. However, the young vet and her neighbor, Namcha, couldn’t care less. He has loved her ever since they were in high school and has no plans of changing his heart. Will spring ever arrive for the patient Namcha? Or will outside winds uproot the seedling of his love even before it has the chance to grow and bloom? (Source: Viu)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 04/18/22 LINK
2 04/19/22 LINK
3 04/25/22 LINK
4 04/26/22 LINK
5 05/02/22 LINK
6 05/03/22 LINK
7 05/09/22 LINK
8 05/10/22 LINK
9 05/16/22 LINK
10 05/17/22 LINK
11 05/23/22 LINK
12 05/24/22 LINK
13 05/30/22 LINK
14 05/31/22 LINK
15 06/06/22 LINK
16 06/07/22 LINK
Special: Behind the Scene 06/07/22 LINK
17 06/13/22 LINK
18 06/14/22 LINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by Viu | Rip/Upload by kitkat

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