alwaysmeena 2.0

alwaysmeena 2.0

Work in progress!

It has been almost a year, isn’t it? I had been really busy with school and real life stuff. Not long ago, I finally graduated with a degree, but I am still not done yet. I am preparing to transfer to an university to go further my study and degree this Fall or Spring depending on how many credits I have left. When will this be over…

Welcome to my new (and possibly permanent) website! By now you should notice that I have changed the name from ‘alwaysmeena’ to ‘Always Grumpy Cat’! Why did I decide this new name? The reason of its change is due to wanting a fresh start, revamping the new look, and changing everything (lakorns) to its best quality as possible. This also means I will start from the scratch, hence, the alwaysmeena 2.0! Please be patient, everything will be done eventually.

What to do with alwaysmeena now? Nothing, but I left it inactive for my personal backup while using its contents for constructing this website one by one, which gonna take a long time because I have released like 200+ lakorns! I am also surprised when I found out how much I have released in the past 5 years and imagine how many more new lakorns I have not added yet. Crazy!

Last but not least, I just realized that by end of July, it would been 6th anniversary! Wow, time flies fast while I enjoy working on lakorns. I will work harder to deliver you more (in my free time, of course)! ♥

Feel free to navigate it, although there are not much around here at the moment. ^^;

— kitkat

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