Ching Rak Rissaya ชิงรัก ริษยา

Ching Rak Rissaya ชิงรัก ริษยา

Title: Ching Rak Rissaya (ชิงรัก ริษยา)
English Title: The Passionate Love
Air Time: Wednesday-Thursday
Air Period: January 4, 2017-March 9, 2017
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller
Broadcast Channel: One 31
Company Name: Remind K, The ONE Enterprise
Episode: 20

(Oil) Thana Suthikamorn as Ronnapee, Napee
Marie Broenner as Siwarat, Mon
(Pang) Ornjira Lamwilai as Intupra, Indy
(Kang) Vorakorn Sirisorn as Asada, Att
(Lily) Pantila Win Pansirithanachote as Sawarat, Mint
(Noom) Santisuk Phromsiri as Wichian
(Tong) Savitree Samipak as Woraporn
(Namfon) Suangsuda Lawanprasert as Isaree
(Beau) Benjasiri Wattana as Yotika, Yot
(Pai) Sitang Punnapob as Praifah, Prai
(Oung) Khemarat Soonthornnont as Elle
(Jome) Sukol Sasijulaka as Durong
Natha Lloyd as Ratthaya
(Nong Meen) Kankaning Netseetong as Lily, Cherry
Tin Sritrai as Dr. Wannarat, Doctor/Mor

When Ronnapee finds out his girlfriend Indy is still alive on his wedding day, he decides to divorce his newlywed wife Mon but Mon’s father disapproves his decision. As Ronnapee has six months to divorce Mon and gets back with Indy, both Indy and Mon strive to win his heart. Ronnapee falls in love with Mon as he finds out she is such a loving wife. Who will Ronnapee choose? What will happen to them? (Source: ds)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 01/04/17 LINK LINKLINK
2 01/05/17 LINK LINKLINK
3 01/11/17 LINK LINKLINK
4 01/12/17 LINK LINKLINK
5 01/18/17 LINK LINKLINK
6 01/19/17 LINK LINKLINK
7 01/25/17 LINK LINKLINK
8 01/26/17 LINK LINKLINK
9 02/01/17 LINK LINKLINK
10 02/02/17 LINK LINKLINK
11 02/08/17 LINK LINKLINK
12 02/09/17 LINK LINKLINK
13 02/15/17 LINK LINKLINK
14 02/16/17 LINK LINKLINK
15 02/22/17 LINK LINKLINK
16 02/23/17 LINK LINKLINK
17 03/01/17 LINK LINKLINK
18 03/02/17 LINK LINKLINK
19 03/08/17 LINK LINKLINK
20 03/09/17 LINK LINKLINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by ds | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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