CatAttack and I decided to start up the donations for our future projects because we truly do not know the language. We thought it would be easier to hire a professional translator to subtitle the dropped/inactive/new lakorns that we would like to see it completely subtitled. Our goal is to complete one or two lakorn(s) at a time because we need to create the timed files first and then edit the translations before finalizing.

We will decide a lakorn ourselves dues to timed files and video availability. Any lakorn requests will be automatically declined. Unless you are willing to fork out in a full cost for your own lakorn, we would be more happy to make it work for you.

Professional translator charges $30-40 per episode. The remaining balance will go to the next lakorns. We cannot begin a project until it has been paid first. If there are not enough funds, it will not get subtitled at all.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated and remember, you are not obligated to donate.  ♥

***Donations are on hold indefinitely.***

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