Game Rak Salab Midti เกมรักสลับมิติ

Game Rak Salab Midti เกมรักสลับมิติ

Title: Game Rak Salab Midti (เกมรักสลับมิติ)
English Title: Switch On
Air Time: Friday-Saturday
Air Period: November 19, 2021-February 5, 2021
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Thriller
Broadcast Channel: 3
Company Name: Century UU
Episode: 24

(Aom) Sushar Manaying as Nisa Dulyanurack
(Gee) Sutthirak Subvijitra as Akin Thaweekitkiat
(Chin) Chinawut Indracusin as Pakorn
(Meiko) Chonnikan Netjui as Emily
(Suam) Sukhapat Lohwacharin as Moowhan
(Phukhao) Worapot Fanthamkang as Leo
Pete Thongchua as Chris Thaweekitkiat
(Chane) Nutthawat Plengsiriwat as Sean
Peter Tuinstra as Michael
(Wo) Jirawat Vachirasarunpatra as Lawyer
(Jee) Natpicha Pisarnpongchana as Aline
(June) Nalinchat Sutthisiriwirata as Shanya
(Art) Pakpoom Juanchainat as Phi
(Jeab) Paweena Chariffsukul as Rattana
(Bobby) Nimit Lugsamepong as Thanate
Amorn Jindatongdee as
(Din) Teerachata Rachatahiranyakan as Porn
Heinhtet Aung as
(Lay) Talay Sanguandikul as Mark
Anek Inthachan as
Siwadon Chantarasawi as
(Palm) Ammiga Manalor as
(Rey) Ratfa Virayooparatth as
Thanatchapan Booranacheavilai as
Vorananth Umakkarayanant as
(Koko) Rotcharet Saensamran as
Phannamon Sonthiti-anan as
Rada Supramonklachai as

Chris, Akin’s father was killed. After this sad incident, Akin pays high attention to find out the murderer and thus becomes the hero of anti-unfairness in the game world. Nisa is a surgeon who is in search of her father. She accidentally broke into another parallel world and saved Akin’s life. When she returns to the real world, she realizes that such an experience is in the world of a game named Better world, which is developed by her father. From that moment, Nisa became the key person who could deliver the information of the real world to Akin. Nisa believes that Akin is a real person in the real world. She always appears when Akin is in danger. Having no choice, Nisa told Akin the truth that Akin is just a character of the game. At these words, Akin cannot act as before. (Source: WeTV)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 11/19/21 LINK
2 11/20/21 LINK
3 11/27/21 LINK
4 11/28/21 LINK
5 12/03/21 LINK
6 12/04/21 LINK
7 12/10/21 LINK
8 12/11/21 LINK
9 12/17/21 LINK
10 12/18/21 LINK
11 12/24/21 LINK
12 12/25/21 LINK
13 12/31/21 LINK
14 01/01/22 LINK
15 01/07/22 LINK
16 01/08/22 LINK
17 01/14/22 LINK
18 01/15/22 LINK
19 01/21/22 LINK
20 01/22/22 LINK
21 01/28/22 LINK
22 01/29/22 LINK
23 02/04/22 LINK
24 02/05/22 LINK

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