King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng ขิงก็รา ข่าก็แรง

King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng ขิงก็รา ข่าก็แรง

Title: King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng (ขิงก็รา ข่าก็แรง)
English Title: Ginger is Spicy Galang is Hot
Air Time: Monday-Friday
Air Period: April 22, 2019-June 10, 2019
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Broadcast Channel: 7
Company Name: DIDA VIDEO
Episode: 34

(Ko) Vasin Asvanarunat as Pawee Pisetpong, Wee
(Pinkploy) Paparwadee Chansamorn as Nit Amornkiat
(Kana) Rinyarat Watchararojsiri as Piangphen, Phen
(Mok) Dilok Thongwattana as Saranat Pisetpong, Nat
(Tong) Savitree Samipak as Rungthip Pisetpong, Thip
(Jib) Chalermporn Poomphanwong as Pairut
(Pou) Mantana Himathongkom as Worakan
(Mean) Waranporn Patchuay as Poranee Amornkiat, Nee
Prab Yuttapichai as Vasin Pisetpong
(Ae) Atchara Thongthep as Nun Suda
(Pond) Ophaphoom Ratchatarom as Apisit
(Kartoon) Taranpak Sayteeton as Pattra, Pat
Kusuma Tanskul as Benjarat, Ben
(Tu) Jarusiri Phuwana as Jitjai

In order to get news, Nit follows Pawee and his father to a psych ward where she finds out that Pawee’s mother is still alive and not dead like his father had announced to the media. Nit’s mother who is a nun goes to the psych ward to see Pawee’s mother often to talk to her, there Pawee’s mother, who went crazy from Pawee’s playboy father, begins to form a bond with Nit. Pawee is upset from the news about his mother still being alive (because it was supposed to be a secret) and begins to have a lot of misunderstandings with Nit, while his girlfriend Phen (who was really happy she wouldn’t have a mother-in-law) is very upset at this secret.
Nee, who is Nit’s sister, is a mistress to Phen’s father. Nit does not agree with her sister’s actions and refuses to acknowledge this older man, but she cannot stand to leave her sister who has a weak personality. After some time Pawee’s father is able to comfort Pawee’s mother to go home. Pawee’s mother hates Phen at first sight and forces Pawee to marry Nit. Will Pawee and Nit fall in love after being tied down together? How will their will their relationship be after all the twist and turns? (Source: ShareRice Wiki)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

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1 04/22/19 LINK LINK
2 04/23/19 LINK LINK
3 04/24/19 LINK LINK
4 04/25/19 LINK LINK
5 04/26/19 LINK LINK
6 04/29/19 LINK LINK
7 04/30/19 LINK LINK
8 05/01/19 LINK LINK
9 05/02/19 LINK LINK
10 05/07/19 LINK LINK
11 05/08/19 LINK LINK
12 05/09/19 LINK LINK
13 05/10/19 LINK LINK
14 05/13/19 LINK LINK
15 05/14/19 LINK LINK
16 05/15/19 LINK LINK
17 05/16/19 LINK LINK
18 05/17/19 LINK LINK
19 05/20/19 LINK LINK
20 05/21/19 LINK LINK
21 05/22/19 LINK LINK
22 05/23/19 LINK LINK
23 05/24/19 LINK LINK
24 05/27/19 LINK LINK
25 05/28/19 LINK LINK
26 05/29/19 LINK LINK
27 05/30/19 LINK LINK
28 05/31/19 LINK LINK
29 06/03/19 LINK LINK
30 06/04/19 LINK LINK
31 06/05/19 LINK LINK
32 06/06/19 LINK LINK
33 06/07/19 LINK LINK
34 06/10/19 LINK LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by Chuồn Chuồn Cánh Sen | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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