Kom Payabaht คมพยาบาท

Title: Kom Payabaht (คมพยาบาท)
English Title: The Vengeance
Air Time: Wednesday-Thursday
Air Period: April 17, 2014-June 19, 2014
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast Channel: 7
Company Name: DaraVDO
Episode: 18

(Mike) Michael Pattaradet Sa-nguankwamdee as Lersan
(Now) Tisanart Sornsuek as Noi
(Preaw) Tussaneeya Karnsomnut as Pia
(Yok) Thunyagun Thanakittananon as Aunt Yen
(Big) Sarut Vichitrananda as Utai
(Noon) Daran/Sinitta Boonyasak as Wanee
(Dao) Duangdao Jarujinda as Khun Yng Anurak
(Aun) Chayapol Bunnag as Prawit
Prae Emery as Rotjana
Narumon Nillawan as Nanny Sae
(Nas) Arnas Lapanich as Mok
(Nok) Usanee Wattana as Lumyong
(Toi) Pirawan Prasopsart as Khun Ying Wanna
(Mam) Alisa Kajornchaiyakul as Aunt Num
(Khing) Suthida Hongsa as Luk Tao
(Aheye) Kornnit Laosubinprasert as young Pia

Noi and Pia were raised by Yen but were absolutely opposite in character. Noi was all goodness and graciousness and Pia was malicious and wicked. Neither girl knew of her heritage, or background. Until Yen took both of them to Bangkok to meet her ex-employer, Uthai, and his wife, Wanee and discover an unusual truth. (Source: Bugaboo)

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Ep Air Date Time
Comp. Sub
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1 04/17/14 DONE        
2 04/23/14 DONE        
3 04/24/14 DONE        
4 04/30/14 DONE        
5 05/01/14 DONE        
6 05/07/14 DONE        
7 05/08/14 DONE        
8 05/14/14 DONE        
9 05/15/14 DONE        
10 05/21/14 DONE        
11 05/28/14 DONE        
12 05/29/14          
13 06/04/14          
14 06/05/14          
15 06/11/14          
16 06/12/14          
17 06/18/14          
18 06/19/14          

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