Lilawadee Plerng ลีลาวดีเพลิง

Lilawadee Plerng ลีลาวดีเพลิง

Title: Lilawadee Plerng (ลีลาวดีเพลิง)
English Title: The Secret Truth
Air Time: Friday-Sunday
Air Period: January 3, 2015-February 8, 2015
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast Channel: 7
Company Name: Prakotkarndee
Episode: 17

(Than) Thanwa Suriyajak as Tiwat, Win
(Tubtim) Anyarin Terathananpat as Lilin, Nu’Li
(Benz) Punyaporn Poonpipat as Supisara, Toi, Wannid, Nid, Prang
(Nus) Nusba Punnakanta as Suparom, Tai
(Petch) Prach Poramin as Saksit, Sit, Meng
(Gunjaesal) Parnthorthong Boonthong as Wichanee, Nee
(Amp) Pheerawas Khunlanunthwatn as Ananyoth, Wan
(Mai) Nonthapun Jaikunta as Witaya, Wit
(Jay) Jintai Untimanon as Kritsada, Krit
(Mo) Amena Pinit as Sita
(Tle) Pitipon Porntrisat as Poramat, Mat

Lilin, a charming singer, had to clear his father’s name after he was accused of killing his ex-lover, Supisara. Lilin returned to her hometown and met with Supisara’s son, Tiwat. Suparom, who is both Tiwat’s aunt and stepmother, did not want him to remember the turn of events that led up to his mother’s death. She did everything she could to keep Lilin away from him. But the more she tried to keep them apart, the closer the two become. (Source: Bugaboo)

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1 01/03/15 LINK
2 01/04/15 LINK
3 01/09/15 LINK
4 01/10/15 LINK
5 01/11/15 DONE 09/23/18 LINK LINKLINK
6 01/16/15 DONE 11/06/19 LINK LINKLINK
7 01/17/15 DONE 01/06/19 LINK LINKLINK
8 01/18/15 DONE 04/15/19 LINK LINKLINK
9 01/23/15 DONE 07/16/19 LINK LINKLINK
10 01/24/15 DONE 07/16/19 LINK LINKLINK
11 01/25/15 DONE 07/10/20 LINK LINKLINK
12 01/30/15 DONE 07/12/20 LINK LINKLINK
13 01/31/15 DONE 07/12/20 LINK LINKLINK
14 02/01/15 DONE 07/16/20 LINK LINKLINK
15 02/06/15 DONE 07/16/20 LINK LINKLINK
16 02/07/15 DONE 07/16/20 LINK LINKLINK
17 02/08/15 DONE 07/16/20 LINK LINKLINK

Subbed by ChorMuang FanSub [ep 1-4], CatAttack & kitkat [ep 5+] | Time/Segment by MLAT, T zone Kites | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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