Hello lakorn lovers,

I wanted to inform everyone that I no longer have a Facebook page because there are too many impersonators exploiting my name and fellow subbers’ by creating multiple accounts asking for the donations. If you see other pages or groups with similar names, IT IS NOT US because I do not have it anymore. Please help report them as scam. Thank you!

As for the donation, please rest assured– it is on hold indefinitely until CatAttack and I finish our current paid projects first. This is the only way to prevent you being scammed by those impersonators and also, our promise remains same– we will finish it when we can. Our delays are dues to our busy schedule (school & work) and real-life issues, so we only ask for your patience and you will get it eventually. 🙂

— kitkat

Please check out and support those real subbers, they have their own website.

Bitter Kisses
CatAttack Fansub
Jirayu Home Drama | ingfakirata
JL Subbing Team
Lakorn Galaxy
neko^^ Meow Meow
Rainbow Subbing Team
Saming Fansubs
Subber’s Paradise
TASSK Force Sub Team
Vigilante Vixen

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