Mon Rak Nong Pak Kayang มนต์รักหนองผักกะแยง

Mon Rak Nong Pak Kayang มนต์รักหนองผักกะแยง

Title: Mon Rak Nong Pak Kayang (มนต์รักหนองผักกะแยง)
English Title: To me, It’s simply you
Air Time: Friday-Sunday
Air Period: May 14, 2021- June 11, 2021
Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance
Broadcast Channel: 3
Company Name: Act Art Generation, do Entertainment
Episode: 13

(Barry) Nadech Kugimiya as Tarakorn Panwiset, Korn, Kiew
(Bow) Maylada Susri as Chompoo Saenbunmee, Poo
Danny Luciano as Rich Smith
Noi Phongam as Grandma Pian Namdee, Pian
Yingyong Yodbuangam as Pila Namdee
(Nubtung) Kochanokporn Souktungwonk as Namfon Polpakpoom, Fon
(Tao) Kasem Srisomboon as Yodchai Kodsee, Yod
(Preaw) Anusara Wantongtak as Sompaen Nabua, Som
(Lita) Kaliya Niehus as Alice Tyler
(Boss) Natpongpon Suddee as Sarawut Saeow, Mos
Yong Lookyee as Manit Panwiset
(Namfon) Suangsuda Lawanprasert as Pilai Panwiset
Somjit Jongjohor as Somsak Saenbunmee
(Ple) Chamaiporn Sitthiworanang as Pikul Saenbunmee
Peerasan Buntao as Takob
Rungreudee Koryun as Ngamta Nabua, Mai
Rungratree Koryun as Wamjai Nabua, Min
Kamonrat Areesanun as Krajiab Nalong, Jiab
(Koon) Ounruen Racho as Lang
(Chain) Techin Pinchatree as Rung

When one is in search of what he needs, only to find it when he returns home. This is a story of a man who comes back home to recover from big city life. But it’s not that easy when he has to fight for the things that he thought were supposed to be given. He has to work through this farming challenge to claim it back. His friends and family are all there to help him. Somehow without realizing it, he gains back something more valuable. (Source: WeTV)

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Subbed/Time/Segment by WeTV | Rip/Edit/Upload by kitkat

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