Pleng Bin Bai Ngiew เพลงบินใบงิ้ว

Pleng Bin Bai Ngiew เพลงบินใบงิ้ว

Title: Pleng Bin Bai Ngiew (เพลงบินใบงิ้ว)
English Title: Cheating Spouse
Air Time: Saturday-Sunday
Air Period: January 8, 2022-March 27, 2022
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast Channel: Amarin TV 34
Company Name: CHANGE2561
Episode: 24

(Pae) Arak Amornsupasiri as Naewprai Thammarak, Prai
(Peak) Pattarasaya Kreursuwansiri as Yuanta Thammarak, Ta
(Golf) Anuwat Choocherdratana as Jomthong Paibooncharoen, Jom
(Wawwa) Nicha Chokprajakchat as Plaekaew Chansiripaisarn-Paibooncharoen, Plae
(Janis) Janistar Phomphadungcheep as Saengnuan, Nuan
(Joy) Chonticha Nuamsukon as Kattalee Boonsatit, Lee
(Zee) Pruk Panich as Jaekan
(Tha) Sataporn Nakwilairoj as Yothee Anansiri
(Dee) Chanana Nutakom as Katesorn Chansiripaisarn, Kate
(Tom) Rachaneekorn Phanmanee as Boonjing Paibooncharoen
(Chalee) Chaleeda Gilbert as Jaeb Paibooncharoen
(Plai) Panta Pattanaampaiwong as Jay Paibooncharoen

Honesty is one of the most important emotional needs in marriage. When a spouse’s having an affair, it will cause family failure finally. This story expresses two unworthy couples. One is a flirtatious social woman and her perfect husband. Another is a sickly and optimistic lady and her husband, an ambitious man who can do anything for his success. The story becomes complicated when they are getting involved with the love triangle. Will the pity change to be fondness? (Source: Viu)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 01/08/22 LINK
2 01/09/22 LINK
3 01/15/22 LINK
4 01/16/22 LINK
5 01/22/22 LINK
6 01/23/22 LINK
7 01/29/22 LINK
8 01/30/22 LINK
9 02/05/22 LINK
10 02/06/22 LINK
11 02/12/22 LINK
12 02/13/22 LINK
13 02/19/22 LINK
14 02/20/22 LINK
15 02/26/22 LINK
16 02/27/22 LINK
17 03/05/22 LINK
18 03/06/22 LINK
19 03/12/22 LINK
20 03/13/22 LINK
21 03/19/22 LINK
22 03/20/22 LINK
23 03/26/22 LINK
24 03/27/22 LINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by VIU | Rip/Upload by kitkat

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