Preutsapa Tanwa Rak Tae Kae Kerd Kon พฤษภา-ธันวา รักแท้แค่เกิดก่อน

Preutsapa Tanwa Rak Tae Kae Kerd Kon พฤษภา-ธันวา รักแท้แค่เกิดก่อน

Title: Preutsapa Tanwa Rak Tae Kae Kerd Kon (พฤษภา-ธันวา รักแท้แค่เกิดก่อน)
English Title: May-December Romance
Air Time: Wednesday-Thursday
Air Period: September 2, 2021-October 27, 2021
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Broadcast Channel: 3
Company Name: HIGH PIGXELL
Episode: 16

(Yam) Matira Tantiprasut as Ornusa, Orn
(Ryu) Vachirawich Wattanapakdeepaisan as Torlarp Suetrongdee, Tum
(Krit) Shahkrit Yamnarm as Danai Deelert, Da
(Bomb) Tanin Manoonsilp as Toryot Suetrongdee, Tah
(Mint) Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat as Minraya, Mint
(Krissie) Krisiree Suksawadi as May
(Tuk) Yanee Jongwisut as Nuanchan, Nuan
(Jeab) Kanjanaporn Plodpai as Uraiwan, Au
(Tongneng) Rudklao Amratisha as Jankapor, Madam J
(Phiao) Duangjai Hirunsri as Churairat, Joom
Fundee Junyatanakron as Ananchai, Ek
Natchawakon Sirirak as JJ
Gyeon Seo as Kongju
(Pingpong) Thongkanthom Thongchai as Nabi
(Mil) Sarut Nawapraditkul as Moomoo
(Ao) Phetrada Tiemphet as Chomchai, Chom
(Mook) Kullacha Sukhontasenee as Jidapha, Jid
(John) Kajohnsak Rattananisai as Soonthorn
(Jab) Penpetch Benyakul as Meng
(Junji) Junjera Junpitakchai as Kiki
(Attila) Arthur Apichaht Gagnaux as Peter

Orn got dumped at the age of 52 but she won’t be drowned in misery. A full body makeover makes her look 25 again. Yes, life is full of surprises! Orn has a huge crush on Tum, a table tennis player, who is so much younger than her he could be her child. Tum is just caught doping without knowing that the drug is from his brother, Tah, who is a doctor and a debt-ridden gambler. And Mint is always in a dilemma when it comes to Tah. Should she pursue her crush on this gambling-addict mentor of her or just forget it for good? On the other hand, Danai, a president of The Tennis Association, suddenly turns over a new leaf and tries to win Orn back. A college student named May does not seem to care much about Danai’s age. She even thinks of him as a “classic gentleman”. Can love prevail over age difference? (Source: iQIYI)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 09/02/21   LINK
2 09/08/21   LINK
3 09/09/21   LINK
4 09/15/21   LINK
5 09/16/21   LINK
6 09/22/21   LINK
7 09/23/21   LINK
8 09/29/21   LINK
9 09/30/21   LINK
10 10/06/21   LINK
11 10/07/21   LINK
12 10/13/21   LINK
13 10/14/21   LINK
14 10/20/21   LINK
15 10/21/21   LINK
16 10/27/21   LINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by VIU | Rip/Upload by kitkat


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