Samee Ngern Pon สามีเงินผ่อน

Samee Ngern Pon สามีเงินผ่อน

Title: Samee Ngern Pon (สามีเงินผ่อน)
English Title: Husband in Disguise
Air Time: Saturday-Sunday
Air Period: July 2, 2022-September 18, 2022
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast Channel: Amarin TV 34
Company Name: CHANGE2561
Episode: 24

(Kwan) Usamanee Vaithayanon as Anusaniya Woralertlak, Nus
(Mai) Warit Sirisantana as Sattawat Pinitkarn, Wat
(Ice) Amena Gul as Sommika, Som
(Film) Rattapoom Tokongsup as Chayakorn, Chaya
(Yeepun) Napat Banchongchitpaisal as Mirantree, Mi
Phol Tantasathien as Nantaphol, Phol
(Oom) Sakaojai Poonsawatd as Nantana, Nan
(Pudum) Sararat Rumruangwong as Angkab
(Tom) Nahatai Pichitra as Saowaros, Ros
(Pui) Pimonwan Hoonthongkam as Araya, Yu
(Ton) Juckkrit Amarat as Udomsak, Sak
(Book) Pongnirun Kantajinda as
(Chok) Chokchai Charoensuk as

A man trying to clear his debt decided to accept the hire marriage agreement, which was hired by a woman who wants to cease an impossible relationship with her uncle-in-law. The hire to marriage happened for a reason, not a fondness. The beginning of this relationship was simple, but nobody knows the hidden truth. He falls in love with her and how hard it could be to turn back to the beginning. (Source: Viu)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 07/02/22 LINK
2 07/03/22 LINK
3 07/09/22 LINK
4 07/10/22 LINK
5 07/16/22 LINK
6 07/17/22 LINK
7 07/23/22 LINK
8 07/24/22 LINK
9 07/30/22 LINK
10 07/31/22 LINK
11 08/06/22 LINK
12 08/07/22 LINK
13 08/13/22 LINK
14 08/14/22 LINK
15 08/20/22 LINK
16 08/21/22 LINK
17 08/27/22 LINK
18 08/28/22 LINK
19 09/03/22 LINK
20 09/04/22 LINK
21 09/10/22 LINK
22 09/11/22 LINK
23 09/17/22 LINK
24 09/18/22 LINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by VIU | Rip/Upload by kitkat

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