Sarb Dok Soi สาปดอกสร้อย

Sarb Dok Soi สาปดอกสร้อย

Title: Sarb Dok Soi (สาปดอกสร้อย)
English Title: Deal with a Devil
Air Time: Wednesday-Thursday
Air Period: December 29, 2016-February 16, 2017
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Period
Broadcast Channel: 7
Company Name: Pordeecam
Episode: 15

(New) Wongsakorn Poramathakorn as Litthikrai, Krai
(Now) Tisanart Sornsuek as Doksoi
(Mac) Weerakaniz Kanwatnagul as Plueng
(Mameaw) Pornchada Krueakoch as Sompor
(Mai) Nonthapun Jaikunta as Pai
(Big) Thongpoom Siripipat as Pitsanusaen
(Faai) Nichanun Funkaew as Euangkum
(Eiam) Watsaporn Wattanakoon as Srion
(Mangmum) Pongsat Ratanananee as Dumb Mute, Mute
(Glom) Noppon Pitaklohpanit as Pran Wade
(Noom) Surawoot Maikan as Sak
(Tai) Saitharn Niyomkarn as Buasri
(Jake) Satawat Donlayawijid as Khampon
(Tom) Nahatai Pichitra as Fongchan
Wattanasom Meksuwan as Man eater
Suchao Pongwilai as Thongkam
(Pear) Rachanee Siralert as Saeng
(Ake) Vichai Jongprasitporn as Pa
Soi Sarakarm as Pan
(Erk) Sasitwat Suttikasem as Mon
(Thanom) Wittaya Jetapai as Pin
(Nok) Wanida Chernyim as Nuan
Ittisak Anuwat as
(Joobjoob) Somchai Satuthum as Peetaihong/Ghost
(Tiktok) Phattaranit Kaewmanee as Tongnuan
Nerun sreesun as Da
(Nutcha) Chawanrut Janjitranon as young Doksoi

A story of a young dancer who allowed a ghost to possess her body in an exchange to save her father’s life. The ghost uses her body to catch preys. She must endure the suffering of her bloody hands. When she meets a young officer and both fall in love with each other, but he will misunderstand that she is the one that killed his father but when in truth, it was the ghost that possessed her. A story that insinuate true love comes with sacrifice. (Source: Thippy)

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Subbed by CatAttack | Time/Segment/Sync by MLAT, AdeNike, BlueSkies | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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