Song Sanaeha สองเสน่หา

Song Sanaeha สองเสน่หา

Title: Song Sanaeha (สองเสน่หา)
English Title: The Unidentical Twins
Air Time: Wednesday-Thursday
Air Period: May 5, 2021-July 7, 2021
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast Channel: 3
Company Name: Maker Group
Episode: 18

James Ma as Warit Niti-iamchote, Wa
(Kimmy) Kimberley Anne Woltemas as Duenyard Panlerd, Duen, Pilaslak Panlerd, Pi
(Golf) Pichaya Nitipaisalkul as Poramin, Pae
(Namcha) Sheranut Yusananda as Chris
(Kiak) Wattikorn Permsubhirun as Peeyabut, Pee
Namnung Suttidachanai as Bussaba, Bus
(Kob) Songsit Roongnophakunsri as Songchai Panlerd
(Noom) Kongkapan Sangsuriya as Chueachat
Prathana Suchookorn as Aunt Chan
(Pookie) Paweenut Pangnakorn as Waewwan Rassameeprakaijerdja, Waew
(Pok) Kosawis Piyasakulkaew as Itthi
(Palm) Supachai Suwanon as Aon

Born as identical beautiful twin girls with very different personalities and fate. Duenyard, the older twin, chose the fast lane of celebrity life. She is self-centered and selfish, while her sister, Pilaslak, is cheerful, loves nature, and the simple country life. Unfortunately, Duenyard’s fate started going down the slippery slope and was blackmailed by the underground society. Though separate, their lives intertwined in a web of deception and lies. They may share the same genes, but their fate and end are not the same as they are two of a different kind. (Source: WeTV)

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1606/30/21 LINK
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1807/07/21 LINK

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