STAY: Saga..Chan Ja Kidtueng Ter STAY: ซากะ..ฉันจะคิดถึงเธอ

STAY: Saga..Chan Ja Kidtueng Ter STAY: ซากะ..ฉันจะคิดถึงเธอ

Title: STAY: Saga..Chan Ja Kidtueng Ter (STAY ซากะ..ฉันจะคิดถึงเธอ)
English Title: STAY: Saga..Love Always, STAY: Saga..I Will Miss You
Air Time: Saturday
Air Period: February 21, 2015-March 14, 2015
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Broadcast Channel: GMM 25, GMM One, GTH On Air, LINE TV
Company Name: GMM Grammy, GTH, Nadao Bangkok
Episode: 4

Sunny Suwanmethanont as Mee, Kuma
(Kao) Supassara Thanachat as Jook
(Bank) Thiti Mahayotaruk as Men
(James) Teeradon Supapunpinyo as Jeng
Sakura Enokida as Naomi
Shinichiro Uchida as Uncle Hattori
(Claudine) Atitaya Craig as Kate
(Peem) Thanabordee Jaiyen as Copter, Ter
(Goy) Arachaporn Pokinpakorn as Ann

Jook’s dream is to become an author, she decides to work on a final project; a food-travel journal on a farm in Saga Prefecture, Japan. Jook meets Mee, a young soon-to-be-married free spirited Thai who has been living and working in Japan for over 3 years. Mee takes Jook under his wing and their feelings for each other start growing. The memories and good feelings they share together will STAY in their hearts forever. (Source: ds)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 02/21/15 LINK LINK
2 02/28/15 LINK LINK
3 03/07/15 LINK LINK
4 03/14/15 LINK LINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by ds | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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