Sung Jai Hai Yood Rak Tur สั่งใจให้หยุดรักเธอ

Sung Jai Hai Yood Rak Tur สั่งใจให้หยุดรักเธอ

Title: Sung Jai Hai Yood Rak Tur (สั่งใจให้หยุดรักเธอ)
English Title: Irresistible
Air Time: Monday-Tuesday
Air Period: October 4, 2021-December 14, 2021
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast Channel: GMMTV
Episode: 22

(Lee) Thanat Lowkhunsombat as Kimhant Sukhapisit, Kim
(Aom) Sushar Manaying as Mookrin, Mook
(Grand) Kornpassorn Duaysianklao as Paktra, Pak
(Nut) Devahastin Na Ayudhya as Prarot
(Ploy) Phatchatorn Thanawat as Plaifon
(Na) Thanaboon Wanlopsirinun as Chumsai
(Kapook) Phatchara Thabthong as Gina
(Pai) Partith Pisitkul as Thada
(Gina) Virahya Pattarachokchai as Duangdao
(Ploy) Chidjun Hung as Wimonrat Chandrakad, Wi
(Guy) Sivakorn Lertchuchot as Sia Ao
(Nim) Kanuengpim Thanaphitchakorn as Nate
(Samina) Sirilak Songsri as Mona
(Pep) Kemika Sukkhaprasongdi as Berger
(Forjune) Kanokkarn Chulthong as Bonus
(Pat) Patson Sarindu as Att

Kimhant has engaged with his girlfriend, Mookrin. But things change when Kimhant’s sister is murdered by Mookrin’s brother and Mookrin provides a false alibi to protect her brother. Kimhant is sure that Mookrin lied to help her brother. Hurt and disappointed by the woman he loves, Kimhant begins his revenge plan to humiliate and hurt Mookrin by calling off their engagement and marrying his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Kimhant finds out that Mookrin’s brother is in massive debt and intends to sell Mookrin to pay if off. (Source: Viu)

NOTE: It is a remake of Roy Rak Raeng Kaen.

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 10/04/21 LINK
2 10/05/21 LINK
3 10/11/21 LINK
4 10/12/21 LINK
5 10/18/21 LINK
6 10/19/21 LINK
7 10/25/21 LINK
8 10/26/21 LINK
9 11/01/21 LINK
10 11/02/21 LINK
11 11/08/21 LINK
12 11/09/21 LINK
13 11/15/21 LINK
14 11/16/21 LINK
15 11/22/21 LINK
16 11/23/21 LINK
17 11/29/21 LINK
18 11/30/21 LINK
19 12/06/21 LINK
20 12/07/21 LINK
21 12/13/21 LINK
22 12/14/21 LINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by VIU | Rip/Upload by kitkat

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