Thepthida Plara เทพธิดาปลาร้า

Thepthida Plara เทพธิดาปลาร้า

Title: Thepthida Plara (เทพธิดาปลาร้า)
English Title: Goddess of Fermented Fish Sauce
Air Time: Monday-Friday
Air Period: January 25, 2021-March 1, 2011
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Broadcast Channel: 3
Company Name: STEP ONWARD
Episode: 26

(Krating) Khunnarong Pratesrat as Mahassachan Samarnsettanakarn
(Chippy) Sirin Preediyanon as Maithong Sarbsuapen, Baimon
(Kat) Trinnaya Morson as Kamloy
(Zak Chumphae) Mongkul Singcha as Soklek
(Steff) Stephanie Lerch as Soodkaneung Samarnsettanakarn
(Namwaan) Kannaporn Puangthong as Ruamrudee, Rudee
(M) Apinan Prasertwattanakul as Hiran, Hin Ngiankongton
(Tom) Nahatai Pichitra as Ruayruen
(Ton) Athiwat Sanitwong Na Ayutthaya as Ouak Sarbsuapen
(Tra) Sirintra Niyakorn as Nokkab Sarbsuapen
(Tong) Savitree Samipak as Soodsuay Samarnsettanakarn
(Piak) Sommart Praihirun as Patiharn Samarnsettanakarn
(Lin) Nussara Pawanna as Paktra
(Deuan) Prima Ratchata as Siam
Janet Keaw as Kamlao Hoffman
Peter Tuinstra as Robert
(Bird) Kittitat Pradab as Attapon

Mahassachan is a spoiled rich guy whose father Patiharn is a political representative to Baimon’s country town. Mahassachan wanted to marry a woman he met at a party, who is also his sister’s friend. But, in order to marry her, his father had a condition in which Mahassachan had to go and learn the ways of life at Baimon’s home. (Source: Viu)

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Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 01/25/21 LINK
2 01/26/21 LINK
3 01/27/21 LINK
4 01/28/21 LINK
5 01/29/21 LINK
6 02/01/21 LINK
7 02/02/21 LINK
8 02/03/21 LINK
9 02/04/21 LINK
10 02/05/21 LINK
11 02/08/21 LINK
12 02/09/21 LINK
13 02/10/21 LINK
14 02/11/21 LINK
15 02/12/21 LINK
16 02/15/21 LINK
17 02/16/21 LINK
18 02/17/21 LINK
19 02/18/21 LINK
20 02/19/21 LINK
21 02/22/21 LINK
22 02/23/21 LINK
23 02/24/21 LINK
24 02/25/21 LINK
25 02/26/21 LINK
26 03/01/21 LINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by Viu | Rip/Upload by kitkat

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