WANNABE Fan Kla Bah Dang WANNABE ฝัน กล้า บ้า ดัง

WANNABE Fan Kla Bah Dang WANNABE ฝัน กล้า บ้า ดัง

Title: WANNABE Fan Kla Bah Dang (WANNABEE ฝัน กล้า บ้า ดัง)
English Title: WANNABE
Air Time: Tuesday-Wednesday
Air Period: May 10, 2022-June 29, 2022 (tentative)
Genre: Drama, Music
Broadcast Channel: Viu
Company Name: Benetone Films
Episode: 16 (tentative)

(Nonkul) Chanon Santinatornkul as Puen
(Marina) Sadanun Balenciaga as Wine
(Gun) Setthapong Ewasuk as Wang
(Dream) Supakit Thinjun as Rang
(Chaophaya) Tanyook Soomchinda as Tan
(Noon) Pitchatorn Santinatornkul as Pun
(May) Varisara Asawapattanakun as Maam

Tells the story of a group of teenagers who have different backgrounds and have had issues with their own lives. They want to create their own identity, be accepted, be popular and be famous or even want to win the hearts of those they love. They were so focused on their goals that they didn’t even notice that sweet success might be leading their lives on another path that is difficult to reverse, the success and reputation may have to pay for something in life. (Source: Viu)

1080p English-Subbed Episodes

Ep Air Date Download FileFactory Stream
1 05/10/22 LINK
2 05/11/22 LINK
3 05/17/22 LINK
4 05/18/22 LINK
5 05/24/22 LINK
6 05/25/22 LINK
7 05/31/22 LINK
8 06/01/22 LINK
9 06/07/22 LINK
10 06/08/22 LINK
11 06/14/22 LINK
12 06/15/22 LINK
13 06/21/22 LINK
14 06/22/22 LINK
15 06/28/22 LINK
16 06/29/22 LINK

Subbed/Time/Segment by Viu | Rip/Upload by kitkat

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